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Fire and Smoke

Masterclass features aaron franklin texas bbq

Fire and Smoke

Building and maintaining a fire that produces clean flavorful smoke is the key to Great BBQ My Philosophy is simple let the word burn just the way it wants to my practice is that there are any number of learned variables that remain very unpredictable it can make this smoking experience a huge Challenge and to really get it down it takes quite a bit of testing and quite a bit of Education to have the logs do exactly what you want them to do giving you the optimum flavor and cooking temperature the only way to learn how to maintain a fire is with practice as you're just getting started you're going to make quite a few mistakes with your smoker it's a good idea to do some trial runs on inexpensive pork butts and what you might find is that that becomes one of your favorite Meats to smoke I know it's one of my favorites another thing that will be a challenge for you is the temperature the day is it raining is it windy all of these things can make your ideal fire and smoke experience very challenging but also rewarding when you get it just right here on this article and future articles that will be linked to it I get into great detail with my personal experience of smoking on all kinds of devices with all kinds of wood and all kinds of conditions I hope you enjoy I'm glad that you're visiting let's get smoking.

Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

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