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Brandon McMillan Dog Training MasterClass Review

Brandon McMillan, an Emmy Award-winning grasp animal trainer, will show a MasterClass on dog training. The MasterClass is a streaming platform that means it is possible for one to study from world-renowned instructors, regarding company officials.

Through some easy-to-follow techniques, MasterClass members and their dogs will understand how to confidently master obedience and house training skills while building trust, executing common commands, and fixing negative traits, officials said.

“Brandon can be an expert pet trainer. From dealing with tigers and bears for film and tv to training canines to perform customized tasks to aid disabled veterans, he has dedicated his life to bringing canines and people jointly to make a happy home,” said David Rogier, co-founder, and CEO of MasterClass. “Brandon’s MasterClass provides members the chance to learn clear, easy-to-follow techniques and tips about how to teach their dogs-no matter how old they are.”

McMillan has dedicated his life to supporting pets and humans interact. Stemming from years as an outrageous pet trainer for film and tv, McMillan has generated a unique training system that he calls a “Hybrid System,” where he’s taken his experience working with wild animals and applied it to the homeworld of dogs. McMillan brought his experience to television on his CBS show “Lucky Dog,” where he received three Emmy Awards for his work as executive maker and sponsor. McMillan is also the author of Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days and has become a powerful advocate for animal rescue and rehabilitation. He is co-founder of The Argus Service Dog Basis, dedicated to training and coordinating service dogs with disabled veterans.

“Dog training is not about dominance, it’s about trust and conditioning,” McMillan said. “With this class, I will teach you the training fundamentals needed to not only have a well trained dog, but also a best friend who trusts and loves you and will be there for you for the rest of their life.”

From brand-new owners with a rowdy new puppy or a shelter rescue to experienced dog owners looking to improve on the training essentials, McMillan’s MasterClass will teach users foundational training techniques to help connect and deepen trust between humans and their dogs. Through in-depth demonstrations showing the full obedience training process with a range of different dog breeds and age groups, many of whom were rescues, McMillan will give members a definite understanding of how to train the “7 Common Commands,” such as sit, stay, and down, that owners use daily with their dogs. His class will also educate students on how to approach removing common behavioral issues such as excessive barking, chewing, and even house training. To help owners make decisions based on their specific dog’s factors, McMillan will give an overview of key variables that make every dog unique using their breed to their imprinted DNA. Most importantly, MasterClass users will leave feeling assured in their ability to create good practices and develop a deeper connection with man's best friend.

McMillan’s MasterClass is now available at Users can subscribe for unlimited usage of new and existing 85-plus classes through the All-Access Move, which gives associates usage of every MasterClass and new ones as they start.

The classes can be accessed on the run with mobile applications or with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku devices.

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