Real Estate Ethics and NAR ® Code of Ethics


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This module is designed as a 3-hour course to educate students on ethics in the real estate industry and to better understand the NAR ® Code of Ethics, its enforcement procedures, and practical use of the guidelines set forth therein. The student must pass a comprehensive final exam to receive credit for the module.Because real estate agents usually work and specialize in local communities, they tend to build rapport very quickly. To build reputable associations, agents should win the trust and respect of the people they work with by adhering to the highest morals and ethical practices, thus ensuring client loyalty. This course introduces you to some of the general ideas and theories that help apply the concept of ethical judgment. This provides a background for a detailed discussion of professional real estate ethics that is framed in terms of the NAR ® Code of Ethics. In this module, we will frequently refer to the NAR ® Code of Ethics as the Code of Ethics or simply the Code .As the student completes this module, he or she should try to develop a broad perspective of ethics in real estate and how this translates into the overall goal of professionalism. We will discuss the history of the Code of Ethics, the concepts included in the articles, the structure of the Code, the enforcement and hearing process, procuring cause, ethics and arbitration claims, mediation, arbitration, and NAR ®s Pathway to Professionalism. This course includes the following lessons: The History and Preamble of the NAR ® Code of Ethics The Structure of the Code of Ethics The Enforcement Process