Creating an Honest and Theft-free Workplace (Comprehensive Course)


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This course discusses the different way that employees and employers can work to create a workplace that is both honest and theft-free. First, the course introduces the common problem of misuse of company resources. In this course you will learn some of the reasons why employees steal and how you can prevent theft and promote honesty in your place of work. Next, this course introduces the very common problems of travel and expense abuse. In this course you will learn about the types of employees who falsify reimbursement reports, some of the schemes they use, and how best to combat this type of abuse. Identity theft is discussed in this course. In this course you will learn the best ways to prevent identity theft in the workplace. You will also learn about the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rule, which teaches you how to spot possible instances of identity theft.Also, this course discusses the importance of of accurately reporting financial information. This course will discuss the importance of fair and honest financial reporting while also providing insight to barriers you may encounter along the way.. This course will teach you what competitive intelligence and intellectual property is, and how competitive intelligence can be collected ethically and what type of sources you should avoid when collecting information. This course concludes with a discussion of how to negotiate ethically with customers. You will learn some tips for negotiating fairly and the great advantages your company will experience when negotiating in a way that is honest and ethical.