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This course covers math principles essential in the practice of real estate. Some of these topics may already be familiar to the student. The course will elaborate on how the subject matter pertains to real estate in everyday use. It is important that licensees understand the mathematical concepts presented here in order to be competent in the practice of real estate. This course includes the following lessons:The Language of Math Measurement of Dimensions Financial Math Valuation Math Real Estate PracticeThe course includes fractions, decimals and percentages: the mathematical language used to express many aspects of real estate practice. Area and volume will be discussed so that the licensee will be able to determine and express the amount of commodity in a particular parcel of realty. While not a real estate finance course, this course will review concepts of interest, amortization and loan rate and discount. These concepts must be understood fully so that the licensee may grasp the essential elements used in the purchase of and financing for real property. Additionally, the principle of prorating will depict the importance of time in the transfer of realty.The conclusion of this course offers real world examples and applications of the information presented. Upon completion of this course the student will comprehend the language and principles of mathematics necessary to successfully function in the practice of real estate.