Missouri Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Examination


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The goal of the 48-hour Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination course is to prepare learners to take the licensing exam and to begin a successful career in real estate. This course explores the major relationships, processes, requirements, and documents common in the real estate industry.


This Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination course contains the following topics:

  1. Agency Relationships and Contracts
    • Agency Relationships
    • Theory and Concepts About Contracts
    • Purchase Contracts
    • Listing and Buyer Representation Agreements
  2. Real Property Ownership/Interest
    • Rights of Ownership
    • Types of Ownership
    • Leasehold Interest
    • Forms of Business Ownership
    • Land Use, Private Restrictions, and Matters Affecting Ownership
    • Government Powers
  3. Finance
    • Basic Concepts and Terminology
    • Methods of Financing
    • Financing Instruments
    • Government Oversight
    • Lending Process
  4. Real Property
    • Methods of Legal Descriptions of Land
    • Methods of Measurement
    • Property Valuation
    • Methods of Valuation
    • Conveyance of Real Property
  5. Marketing Regulations (Purchase and Rental)
    • Property Advertising Disclosures
    • Licensee Advertising
    • Fair Housing
  6. Property Management
    • General Principals of Property Management Agreements
    • Basic Provisions of Property Management Agreements
    • Types of Contracts
    • Duties and Obligations of the Parties
    • Market Analysis and Tenant Acquisition
    • Accounts and Disbursements
    • Property Maintenance and Improvements
  7. Real Estate Calculations
    • Compensation, Commission and Fees
    • Valuation/Market Sales Price and Yields
    • Net to Seller, Cost to Buyer (Debits and Credits)
    • Tax and Other Prorations
    • Points
    • Loan to Value Ratio
    • Measurements (square footage, acreage, volume)
    • Property Management/Investment (rate of return)
  8. Missouri License Law
    • General Rules
    • Licenses
    • Educational Rerquirements
    • Business Conduct and Practices
    • Disciplinary Proceedings
    • Computations and Closing