ARIZONA CE Real Life Real Estate: Arizona Commissioner €™s Rules


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This course provides detailed information to the licensee as to the laws and regulations governing the real estate industry in Arizona. It will provide a comparison of differing governmental and industry regulations, as well as the most recent changes in the Commissioner's Substantive Policy Statements. In this course, we will review a landmark lawsuit, which illustrated the Department's stance on disclosure issues, and we'll examine how certain statutory laws may contradict the Commissioner's Rules, and what to do about it. In addition, we will explore the Standard(s) of Care, the REALTOR ® Code of Ethics, and the Commissioner's Standards.

  • Lesson 1 will review some of the codes, regulations, and agencies that govern the real estate industry.
  • Lesson 2 will discuss specific ways that the Commissioner's Rules come into play in "real life" real estate.
  • – Lesson 3 will describe several recent lawsuits that illustrate what not to do.
  • Lesson 4 will address the Standard(s) of Care, and how they are defined and interpreted in real estate practice.
  • Lesson 5 will cover the REALTOR ® Code of Ethics and how it is consistent with the Commissioner's Standards.

As the student completes this course, he should work to develop a broad picture of Arizona Commissioner's Rules, and how they fit into the larger practice of real estate. The last lesson is designed to help the student through the presentation of comprehensive content questions, practice problems, and case studies.