8-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health


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According to EM385-1-1 regulations, an 8-hour refresher training course must be completed annually for Site Safety Health Officers (SSHOs) who have undergone the full 40-hour training. This training provides the needed topics to satisfy the annual requirements for an SSHO. According to EM385, computer-based training is acceptable and meets the requirements for refresher training:

Computer-based interactive 8-hour refresher training. Computer based interactive training is acceptable as long as the criteria identified in Section 33.D.01.a (3) are met.” – EM385-1-1 2014 Edition.

You can be rest-assured our training provides the needed material to adequately prepare and refresh the SSHO in hazard analysis and abatement. Our course is taught by experienced instructors with hands-on experience whom will share “real life” scenarios. This 8- hour training course provides information relative to the US Army Corps Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction standards.