751 Real Estate Brokerage (30 Hours PDF)


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Establishing your career as a real estate brokerage requires extensive knowledge of the real estate industry. Brokers are required to stay updated with real estate trends and outlooks. They are also required to have the necessary qualifications and experience to run their own business. If you're looking forward to starting your own brokerage business, then you need to arm yourself with crucial information on how a brokerage business works.

This course will attempt to help learners understand the process of establishing their own brokerage business starting from understanding the pros and cons of starting a business, to choosing a business type, to managing financials, operations, administration, marketing and finally maintaining sustainability. The course caters to learners trying to establish their brokerage business in Texas and so TREC rules about brokers, ethical practices, marketing, hiring and business management is provided in the course for the learner to know and understand.